About Us:
  • Founded by Ed and Juliet Nix, our center for the performing arts targets areas in and around Aiea and Oahu.
  • When you train at Nix Performing Arts Center, you learn from people with practical dance experience.
100% Entertainment, 100% of the Time
Nix Performing Arts Center Professional dance classes help students develop positive attitudes, inner calm, and an unassuming sense of self-confidence. To excel in acting classes or dance lessons a student must engage in hard work, long hours, and a personal commitment to success. Choosing a performing arts center that matches your goals and your personality is not a simple task. Dance presents human communication in a polished display of nonverbal human expressions. You labor to be the best. Expect no less from your instructors.

Here at Nix Performing Arts Center, we represent a dream brought to reality. We believe in "100% Entertainment, 100% of the Time". Our instructors know how to work with students, how to help each class member find a permanent position within the school family, and how to promote the best from within each actor/dancer.

Now is the time to get involved. NixPAC is stepping out again. We are making changes, introducing new dance classes, new programs, and new events. Link up now and take advantage of our ongoing hosting for the Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Choose The Right Dance School; Get Started With The Right Acting Classes

Consider your goals. Compare your personal beliefs to the philosophy that drives the school and its owners. Examine the overall scope of services. Never overlook the importance of the instructor's skill level.


NixPAC is here for the long haul. We reach out to our students and to the community. We strive on competition. We organize and promote local events. We use our dance classes to group together the very best in competitive dance teams.


Our teachers are top class, each and every one. No matter your ambitions, we have the skill to help you reach your desired dancing or acting goals. At NixPAC, every student finds a focus for his or her personal entertainment interests.