Dance Classes

Dance Classes

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Nix Performing Arts Center specializes in dance classes for our valued clientele in Aiea, HI. Boost your raw talent and skills or discover your untapped potential in the performing arts with the help of our professional and experienced instructors.

We know that you have individual skills and needs, and dance classes at our school are designed to provide you with personalized attention. With one-on-one private lessons, you will experience effective dance instructions tailored to your needs. We also have group sessions for various dance genres.

Choose from these top-quality dance classes and lessons:
• Traditional Dance—Enhance your moves and natural talent for classic and traditional dances such as ballet and ballroom. With extensive knowledge and background in classic and traditional dances, our instructors will teach you the techniques to develop stage presence and confidence.

• Ethnic Dance—We offer instruction in hip hop, including break dancing and popping and locking, as well as salsa and traditional Tahitian and hula dances. Our hula dance lessons are taught by native Hawaiian instructors who know not only the moves, but also the essence of the dance.

• Modern Dance—We offer the widest assortment of contemporary and modern dance classes, including tap and jazz. You will learn new moves and techniques with the help of our highly skilled instructors.

Nix Performing Arts Center is the premier source of dance classes in genres from classic to ethnic to modern. Dial our customer service hotline today for information regarding our class and lesson rates.